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At Italiannies, great food and good times are just on the table, waiting to be shared.

The More The Merrier

Since opening its doors in 2004, Italiannies is famously known for bringing uniquely rustic Italian cuisine to the tables. Fresh ingredients used with our characteristic recipes from starters, salads, meat dishes and desserts is the bridge between our savoury food and the satisfying smile of our guests. To give you the best of tastes, Italiannies‘ signature sauces and bread dough are made fresh every morning. Our chefs‘ bold and adventurous flavours provide new excitement and modern twist to classic Italian staple food of pasta, pizza and vino.

Jovial times abound when hearty Italian cuisine is served in generous portions within our elaborate rustic-inspired ambience: vintage photography adorning long brick walls bathed in soothing warm lightings set the mood for exceptional enjoyable times for gatherings and conversations.

For bookings, you are welcome to email us up to 48 hours before reservation or simply call up our restaurants. Our earger-to-serve service team will be happy to see you walk in too.

If you are looking to host an event at Italiannies, call us for enquiry. We are ever ready to host corporate events and social soirees catered to suit your requirements.

At Italiannies, we understand the needs of families with young children and so we offer special complimentary meals for children below 12 year-old with every paying adult.